LINA LUXE  : Household linen, table linen, linen tablecloths, linen blankets, linen scarves, made-to-measure, ...

About us...

LINA LUXE is a Belgian brand of household linen created by, textile designer, Véronique Vermeeren.


LINA LUXE is made with passion and know-how, it is pure linen at its best dedicated to the table, the kitchen and the home


By LINA LUXE you will find original and exceptionnal articles made from European linen, know for its excellence and extraordinary natural properties. 


With sensitivity and authenticity, Véronique Vermeeren, owner of LINA LUXE, speaks about her passion for linen:


"I love linen as a fashion accessory, clothing, table, bed or bath linen: linen gives rythm to my days and takes up an important place in our "home sweet home".

"I am passionate... passionate by my job, create and sew linen. This natural fiber is a immeasurable source of inspiration."

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